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New Build 2010/11

Gone! The cafe and Windsports building has been demolished - the first concrete step towards the new clubhouse (Sep/10).

Mid-October - foundations being prepared.
First week in November - the first blockworks appear above ground level.
Second week in November - the groundfloor joists are being installed.
AGM date 26th November - with floor plate almost complete, scaffolding is erected for our new clubhouse.
First week in December - the groundfloor wall panels are being erected.

Mid-December - the first floor wall panels and roof beams are being installed.
Mid-January - the new clubhouse is almost weather-proof!
Late January - the outer block walls of the new clubhouse are being erected.
Early February - the windows of the new clubhouse are being installed.
Late February - a first glimpse of the interior! Plus the external wooden cladding being added and the main entrance.
Mid March - lots of progress on the new clubhouse, the glazing is done and the external cladding is almost complete. Plus, raising the lower car park and extending the shower block.
End of March - a first look inside the new clubhouse for many members, plus the all important view. The structural work is almost complete but there's an awful lot of fitting out to be done!
Easter - despite a few rough edges, Windsports and the Mylor Cafe open on schedule on Good Friday!
Mid May - the new clubhouse opened its doors for the first time on Wednesday 18th May. There was a good turn-out of members keen to see our new home.